London Projects
History 203L
Dimensions of History
11:00-1150, W, W, F
CAS 228
Spring Semester, 2008
Debra A. Mulligan, Ph. D.
Michael R. H. Swanson, Ph. D.
5:00 - 7:50 W (Lab)
CAS 128
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Roger Williams University
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Among Holinshed's collaborators was one William Harrison, chaplain to Lord Cobham, and later Rector of Radwinter in Essex and Canon of Windsor. To him was allotted the task of writing the "Descriptions of Britain and England" from which the following chapters are drawn. He gathered his facts from books, letters, maps, conversations, and, most important of all, his own observation and experience; and he put them loosely together into what he calls "this foul frizzled treatise." Yet, with all his modesty, he claims to "have had an especial eye to the truth of things"; and as a result we have in his pages the most vivid and detailed picture in existence of the England into which Shakespeare was born.